Let It Swim 2017 Winners

2017 Winners

1st Place
1. Winner - Longest Tiger Fish - Mike COLDBECK - 645mm 3. Winner - Mike COLBECK - LISTFT Floating Trophy
Mike COLDBECK – Winning Fish – 645mm
R30K and Shayamoya Weekend
2017 LISTFT Winner – Mike COLDBECK
4. Mike COLDBECK - Legend Kayaks
Mike Coldbeck with his “Nessy” kayak from Legend Kayaks
2nd Place
5. 2nd Place - Mike LAIDLAW - 620mm
Mike LAIDLAW – 620mm Tiger Fish
3rd Place
6. 3rd Place - Wesley RAUTENBACH - 615mm
Wesley RAUTENBACH – 615mm Tiger Fish
Most Qualifying Tiger – Team
15. Most Qualifying Tiger - Team Eagles Tony (C), Wynand, Werner and Wesley
Team ‘Eagles’ (l-r)Tony TALBOT (C), Wynand SCHREIBER,
Werner J van RENSBURG and Wesley RAUTENBACH
1st Place
19. 1st Prize Raffle - Esplin Steve HOAREAU
Esplin HOAREAU – Sekoma Island Lodge
2nd Place
20. 2nd Prize Raffle - Colin HENDERSON
Colin HENDERSON – Yamaha 4HP Outboard
 3rd Place
21. 3rd Prize Raffle - Marco DU PLESSIS
Marco du PLESSIS – X-Plorer Hamper
 4th Place
22. 4th Prize Raffle - Ron ANSELL
Ron ANSELL – Rapala Bag/Safari Cooler
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